What we are

We are a software technology company, with an affection for design, working for organizations big and small.
Building upon 17 years of professional development experience ranging from 3D engine design, embedded/mobile to web development and a bit of graphical design. Bringing along a special set of skill we are often asked to implement and coordinate product innovation, troubleshoot existing technology or deliver special products.

In the last two years Mindlight has gained profound knowledge in the field of 360 degree panoramic video and video streaming technology in general. Combining this with existing knowledge we can create some powerful things.


We love to bring new ideas to life and have fun doing so.
We have a pro-active stance and do like a challenge. Challenges make you grow and enable us to move into new shapes and directions together. We want to know what moves you and/or your clients, so we can create things that matter.

What we do

Mobile applications

Our mobile application development started right of our video activities and our background in 3D technology. One of our first prototype applications was a component to do 360 degree video playback on the iPad and iPhone in june 2010. This technology called Panframe and is available for licensing. There is a FREE trial version of the iOS and Android version of the SDK available for download.

For most mobile development we typically are a technology provider that will work with you to create the application you need. We have a large user interface component library, called UIComponents, that we use and license for the projects we do. If you want to know more about what we can deliver, just gives us a call.

We work with your marketeers, designers and concept creators. You know your business best.
We are proficient in the use of Objective-C, Java, C# and C/C++ and can help you train your people to harnass the technology we provide.

Streaming video solutions

We have developed server-side technology to enable you to LIVE broadcast, ARCHIVE and deliver these streams consequently as VOD on the most popular platforms and media formats. To scale our solutions we can work with major CDN providers around the world or develop a custom setup for you using a CDN and/or dedicated media servers.
We currently target Flash Video, HTML5, HLS and Smooth streaming infrastructures which target most common desktops configurations and mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

HLML5 and general web applications

Design of web-architectures is in our roots.
In web application development we use popular web-related languages like PHP, Java and C# to help you deliver the application or experience you need.
We know all about HTML5, XML and CSS as well as various Javascript tooling and can work with whatever your designers come up with.

Rich media experience

We love to mix things up to create something really immersive and special. Mixing content like 3D, video and images can be combined with all sorts of user input. Whether it is a desktop experience or one using KINECT, we don’t get easily scared.
High-resolution content? Done that. New devices? Show us what you have in mind.

Information infrastructure

All that glimmers is on the surface, the visual parts, most of the time. We can also make sure the engine underneath runs smoothly and efficient. We examine, advise and implement adequate server technologies and help you manage them. We will talk to your users and stakeholders and apply what is necessary to structure your information flow.

Custom development

Did the above topics not fit the image in your mind?
Talk to us about what you had in mind.