HITMAN – Sanguine Fall Fashion Show in 360/VR

March 9, 2016

HITMAN: 360 Degree Sanguine Fall Fashion Show (VR)

IO Interactive has asked us to create an in-game panoramic trailer from Hitman’s Showstopper mission.
Welcoming new players with our take on the Sanguine Fall Fashion show.

You move through the flashy entrance of Palais de Walewska to the second you see the outside fireworks setting off in the evening sky. Sneak behind the scenes of the fashion event and try to spot 47 in disguise.
This video gives you an immersive experience inside Hitman’s secret World of Assassination.

Captured and produced in 9K at 60fps, and distributed as 4K on YouTube and Facebook.
All was concepted, captured in-game and produced accordingly.

Hitman’s 2016 season kicks of on 11th of March 2016.