April 19, 2012

In collaboration with yellowBird and Italian based BonsaiNinja Studio, Mindlight created part of the technology behind ‘LIFE/INSTALLED’, taking form of an Android application, which displays a virtual walkthrough of the Samsung installation at “Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2012”. It is also an example of using 360 degree video to augment reality.

During the Milan design week , Samsung has opened the doors of the house of the future with the LIFE / INSTALLED, four minutes to think about the future, developed together with the famous architect and designer Italo Rota.

This video below shows some background/inside footage of how the application is being used at the Samsung installation.

The installation looks like a gray location where every room is covered with a gray patina finish. Positioning the Galaxy Tab of the apparent dark ambience, visitors will discover a room after another, where everything comes to life by contrast, thanks to the images and sounds accessible via tablet. LIFE / INSTALLED, four minutes to think the future plays all home spaces and transforms the concept of dwelling in a house in a smart space dynamically see through augmented reality.

The application is part of the Milan Design week at  from 17 – 22 april 2012. Samsung is showing of their technology in the context of a modern home.

Samsung describes it as followed:

Samsung Electronics will bring its design philosophy to life with an installation for Fuorisalone 2012, an international furniture exhibition, at Superstudio Più in Milan. The event, which takes place April 17 to April 22, will showcase Samsung’s vision for a home that is harmoniously blended with technology.

Read more about it in this article on Samsung Tomorrow.

Some background information

The walkthrough at the Samsung installation consists of 6 inter-connected rooms which are painted entirely grey. Visitors could use the distributed samsung tablets, with the app installed, to see through a window of time of what might be possible in the future.

The app plays back 360 degree videos of the 6 rooms, which were captured by yellowBird and enriched with next generation ideas about the use of technology. For example the use of teleconferencing and simulation in a variety of new ways. For example the integration of a large monitor surface and video conferencing in a bathroom mirror to simulate clothing and makeup, or calling (video) a doctor and let a device read the status of a woman’s pregnancy right at home.

When walking from one room to another the application switches to the appropriate video by using WiFi-based positioning. The visitors can then look around in the 360 panoramic video by turning around. The app uses the integrated gyroscope of the tablets to position the (calibrated) videos. As you turn around, or look up or down, so does the video.