Syndicate 360

May 17, 2012

Mindlight was invited by yellowBird to create a iOS application for the 2012 remake of game Syndicate by the Swedisch studio Starbreeze, published by EA Games.

The application shows a total of 7 rooms of the game as 360 degree panoramic images.

You can move the iPad (1, 2 and the new iPad) or iPhone (4/4S) around or swipe with your finger to look around in a room. By clicking one of the several clickable hotspots found in the rooms, the user can popup videos and concept art from the game. The user can discover a hidden room which gives access to some more clickable hotspots.

The application also sports an interactive HUD similar to the one found with the game which also reacts to the movement of the iOS device.

It currently serves as a tech-demo for interactivity.