360° video and VR technology

Panframe SDKs for 360/VR

In the area of media distribution and playback we have developed a suite of applications and technologies under the name Panframe. Panframe is capable to deliver both regular as well as playback of panoramic 360 degree video footage.
The panframe suit of technology contain the following solutions. For more information visit www.panframe.com.


Panframe-based video players

Standard (configurable) player software vailable on native Windows, Flash, iOS and Android.
Support ranges from low resolution video’s to high end 8K video playback.


Panframe SDK for iOS and Android

Develop your own iOS and Android solutions using our tools.


Panframe streaming solutions an network

We provide tools to allow you to stream (video) content to media servers and CDNs. Various adapters are available based on your setup.


System technologies

OMNI, interactive scenegraph

Omni is the underlying 2D and 3D technology that is powering our interactive applications can be harnessed seperately in this framework. Scenegraphs can be build in 2D and 3D. The framework offers interactive support for CAD-like layers and other interactive elements and effects.
It can be used in conjunction to Panframe.
The technology is currently available for Windows, Mac and iOS.
For more information please contact us.

UIComponents – interface library

UIComponents is an interface library which delivers custom components to be used in Windows, Mac and iOS applications. These components feature functionalities like coverflow of images and videos, maps and charts, graphs, hierarchical selectionlists and tables, effects and many others, that can be used for application development.
These components are used in our own applications and can be licensed seperately on request.
For more information, please contact us.

Parsec, parser-compiler and markup framework

PARSEC is a fast PHP-based compiler and templating framework which enables fast prototyping of web applications. PARSEC is lightweight and flexible, build from the ground up with model-view-controller principles in mind.

PARSEC can scale horizontally due to its scalable session management and is able to distribute load across multiple instances or shards in a network architecture.

PARSEC ties in with SPOTLIGHT, our commercial object-relational-modelling architecture, bringing strong-typed and interconnected data models to the SQL space.

Visit getparsec.net for more information on Parsec.

For more information and licensing requests, please contact us.


SPOTLIGHT, semantic data storage

SPOTLIGHT is a object-relational-modelling framework which can be implemented in traditional SQL-based servers and other data storage systems. It supports strong-typed data-models locked through referential integrity.

SPOTLIGHT is build around the concepts of inheritance and support hierarchical and associative relationships.


For more information and licensing requests, please contact us.